[Dev] dbscripts 2018425 / winston.parabola.nu upgrade

Luke Shumaker lukeshu at lukeshu.com
Wed Apr 25 21:57:42 GMT 2018

I've rolled out version 20180425 of Parabola dbscripts.

Changes from 20180420 to 20180425:

 - Improve documentation
 - Remove old unnecessary files from the repo-maintainer days
 - db-import-pkg:
   * General tidying up
   * Don't touch $FTP_BASE/lastsync
   * Import the 'packages' pool and 'community' pool from Arch Linux

When deploying it to winston.parabola.nu, I updated the appropriate
crontab to have 2 entries running `db-import-pkg packages` and
`db-import-pkg community`, rather than a single entry running
`db-import-pkg archlinux`.  These 2 entries both run at the same time
as the original combined entry (the archlinuxarm and archlinux23 jobs
are staggered 8 minutes each).

    $ sudo pacman -Sy
    $ sudo pacman -S --needed dbscripts
    $ # edit crontab for repo@

I've verified that `db-import-pkg packages` and `db-import-pkg
archlinuxarm` both run without error (establishing that neither
code-path broke).

This implements step 1 of my plan for improving dbscripts.

When doing that, I noticed that it's been a long time since an -Syu,
and there were already some problems making a clean -Syu without
intervention impossible.  Here's what I did:

    $ sudo pacman -S --force config-box-base
    $ # Use etckeeper to verify that nothing except for
	$ # /etc/.intalled-packages.txt changed

    $ sudo pacman -Su --ignore={python-pyspf,libxfont,xorgproto} config-mgmt-nshd-local
    $ # accept default answer to all questions

At this point, I observed a few errors from Holo:

 1. `/var/lib/holo/provisioned/etc/locale.gen` was missing.  I
    manually created it.
 2. The Nginx mime.types holoscript seems to be broken:

        Working on file:/etc/nginx/mime.types
          store at /var/lib/holo/files/base/etc/nginx/mime.types
          passthru /usr/share/holo/files/10-config-mgmt-nginx/etc/nginx/mime.types.holoscript
        sed: -e expression #1, char 0: unmatched `{'

There are quite a few .pacnew files, deal with some of them:

    $ sudo pacman -S config-base-openresolv
    $ sudo rm /etc/resolv.conf.pacnew /etc/fstab.pacnew

Next steps:

 - Resolve remaining `.pacnew` files, possibly with Holo
 - Try running -Syu again
 - dbscripts: Proceed to add config.local.* files in step 2 of the
These next steps should be happening in the next day or two.

Happy hacking,
~ Luke Shumaker

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