[Dev] Deprecation of linux-libre-hardened for i686 and armv7h

Megver83 megver83 at hyperbola.info
Fri Apr 20 16:12:46 GMT 2018

I've been maintaining linux-libre-hardened for all the supported
architectures by Parabola since Arch added linux-hardened on their
official repositories for x86_64 only. However they still supported i686
in those times, and I didn't know why it wasn't for i686, so I just
built it for i686 and armv7 too.

However, today I read this:
- https://github.com/archlinux32/packages/blob/master/blacklist#L8

The funny thing is that I knew that in
https://github.com/copperhead/linux-hardened says clearly in the
repository description: "(...) other than multiarch arm64 / x86_64
aren't in scope (...)" but I didn't really checked the patch till now.
So yes, *it is pointless to build it for i686 and armv7h* pitifully.

I'll remove it from our repos when linux-hardened gets the 4.16 update.
Now, for i686 and armv7h users who used this kernel have
linux-libre-xtreme and linux-libre-lts-xtreme as alternatives.

However, although linux-libre-xtreme uses the same hardened patches
(with the difference that it has all LSMs enabled) I'll still maintain
it for i686 and armv7h but it will only have the LSMs, not the hardened
patch because of all of what I said above :P. There's more info about at

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