[Dev] [RFC] blacklist/your-freedom conflicts/replaces stragegy

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Mon Sep 18 02:13:34 GMT 2017

ok i understand the issue better now - that is a tricky situation indeed

the one thing i can clear up though is why it seem that 'replaces' is
not relevant for blacklist packages

the intended scenario for 'replaces' is like this:

* user has package 'old-foo' installed
* admins add a NEW package 'new-foo' to the repos that 'replaces' 'old-foo'
* user runs pacman -Syu then 'old-foo' is automatically removed and
replaced with 'new-foo' without question - the user did not ask for
'new-foo' and has no option to keep 'old-foo' becuase it is obsoleted
and has been deleted from the repos

that is very different from the scenario for 'your-freedom'

* user has package 'nonfree-foo' installed
* package 'your-freedom' in the repos 'conflicts' with 'nonfree-foo' and
depends on 'free-foo'
* user explicitly runs pacman -S 'your-freedom' then 'nonfree-foo' is
removed and replaced with 'free-foo' - this happens at only one time and
at the user's request - the user has the option to remove 'your-freedom'
and re-install 'nonfree-foo'

so 'replaces' is a special emergency feature for when the admins need to
forcefully purge a specific package from every user

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