[Dev] notsystemd v234.1 release announcement

Megver83 megver83 at hyperbola.info
Sat Sep 16 00:32:42 GMT 2017

El 15/09/17 a las 18:09, Luke Shumaker escribió:
> On Fri, 15 Sep 2017 15:17:37 -0400,
> Megver83 wrote:
>> BTW I see that eudev and eudev-systemd were removed from provides=()
>> $ git show 73934ba2e660313bde6f191d3de7632a41db6cc5 PKGBUILD|grep provides
>> -  provides=("systemd-tools=$_sdver" "udev=$_sdver" "eudev" "eudev-systemd")
>> +  provides=("systemd-tools=$_pkgver" "udev=$_pkgver")
>> -  provides+=("$_pkgname=$_sdver")
>> +  provides+=("$_pkgname=$_pkgver-$_pkgrel")
>> I would have left it as it was, and even add libsystemd maybe. The
>> problem is that packages that require eudev can survive with notsystemd,
>> but as it is not in provides it breaks dependencies, so I'm forced to do
>> --assume-installed when installing it with pacman.
> notsystemd does not provide eudev.  If a package says depends=(eudev),
> but works with notsystemd's udev, then the depends=(eudev) is wrong.

That's eudev-openrc case

> It should probably say depends=(udev), which is provided by both
> notsystemd and eudev>

well, in that case you might need to add the udev OpenRC init script in
Notsystemd (or as a separated pkg), as when installing it the
eudev-openrc dependency on eudev cannot be accomplished if not running
pacman with --assume-installed eudev.

The point is that eudev-openrc works OK with notsystemd's udev, it
starts the service as well. But if you won't put eudev in provides, then
we should make another pkg with udev's init script (include this, and
maybe other services in sth. like notsystemd-openrc? then that pkg
should conflict eudev-openrc and other services found in notsystemd,
which afaik we haven't found)


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