[Dev] notsystemd v234.1 release announcement

Megver83 megver83 at hyperbola.info
Fri Sep 15 19:17:37 GMT 2017

El 15/09/17 a las 15:30, Luke Shumaker escribió:
> I am pleased to announce the 4th release of "notsystemd", v234.1.
> notsystemd is a project to turn the various components of systemd into
> independent pieces that can be used no matter which software is used
> for PID 1; in a similar spirit to eudev or elogind.
> This release is almost identical to 233.1, but has been updated for
> systemd 234.  This brings the exciting change that Meson is now a
> supported alternative to the GNU Autotools when building notsystemd.
> It also brings some changes to how systemd-npawn behaves.
>  ______________________________________________________________________
> | Notice:
> |
> | - The default behavior of `systemd-nspawn --register=no` has
> |   changed.  Non-systemd users will probably wish to start using
> |   `systemd-nspawn --register=no --keep-unit` (and some systemd users
> |   will as well).
> |
> | - notsystemd's nspawn likely has issues with resource-control when
> |   using cgroup v2.  This potential bug has not yet been fully
> |   investigated.  It has likely been present in all versions of
> |   notsystemd.  However, this is of slightly more concern now, as
> |   OpenRC gained support for cgroup v2 yesterday.
> |
> |   I have chosen to go ahead and release v234.1 despite this issue,
> |   since (1) it probably in all previous releases as well, and it
> |   wasn't an issue then, (2) Parabola's systemd users aren't using
> |   cgroup v2 resource-control unless they went out of their way to
> |   set systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=on on the kernel command
> |   line, and (3) OpenRC users aren't using cgroup v2 unless they are
> |   manually installing from OpenRC's git.
> |
> At a minimum, the following utilities from notsystemd should be
> functional on non-systemd systems:
>   systemd-nspawn
>   systemd-machine-id-setup
>   systemd-tmpfiles
>   systemd-sysusers
> The sources are at https://repo.parabola.nu/other/notsystemd/
> Pre-built packages have been released to the [libre] repository for
> Parabola GNU/Linux-libre.
BTW I see that eudev and eudev-systemd were removed from provides=()

$ git show 73934ba2e660313bde6f191d3de7632a41db6cc5 PKGBUILD|grep provides
-  provides=("systemd-tools=$_sdver" "udev=$_sdver" "eudev" "eudev-systemd")
+  provides=("systemd-tools=$_pkgver" "udev=$_pkgver")
-  provides+=("$_pkgname=$_sdver")
+  provides+=("$_pkgname=$_pkgver-$_pkgrel")

I would have left it as it was, and even add libsystemd maybe. The
problem is that packages that require eudev can survive with notsystemd,
but as it is not in provides it breaks dependencies, so I'm forced to do
--assume-installed when installing it with pacman.


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