[Dev] update your-freedom not to reject firefox

Isaac David isacdaavid at isacdaavid.info
Thu Sep 14 00:52:44 GMT 2017

Andreas Grapentin wrote:
> the changes we made to our version of 'firefox' mean that mozilla
> would have to give us explicit permission to be able to call it
> firefox

bill-auger wrote:
> besides, the weasel is (: So-o-o Cu-u-u-ute :) - can we keep him? huh

Luke Shumaker wrote:
> until fairly recently, it *was* Debian Iceweasel.  However, when
> Debian dropped Iceweasel in favor of Firefox, we were forced to fork
> it, leading to Parabola Iceweasel.

Andreas Grapentin wrote :
> except that in our case iceweasel follows mainline firefox, and icecat
> follows ESR releases. Just to add some more confusion :)

well, our icecat package does use GNU icecat tarballs, which in turn
are based on firefox ESR.

then there's iceweasel... which as you say, is no longer based on
iceweasel :-3

IMO there's no good in sticking to that name at this point. ambiguity
is all we get, as "iceweasel" continues to be associated with Debian.

the next build could incorporate a new name (maybe resurrect the
no-brainer ${pkgname}-libre pattern for this case, if that's enough to
appease the trademark policy?).

is it still possible to disable branding all together (as opposed to
providing our own) as in the old "shiretoko" and "namaroka" days?

anyway, we could retain the logos, and maybe even apply some
simple transformations in a couple lines of sed that will set them
further apart from Debian, while retaining essentially all the
cuteness. see proof of concept in the attachments. i'm building with
them to see how they look in the browser.

Isaac David
GPG: 38D33EF29A7691134357648733466E12EC7BA943

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