[Dev] My wiki account not in "emailconfirmed" group

Megver83 megver83 at hyperbola.info
Wed Sep 13 20:08:21 GMT 2017

Hi, some days I wanted to edit a wiki page but it asked me to be in the
"emailconfirmed" group, so I went ahead for the confirmation, but I did
never received the email which confirms my account. Could any of the
sysadmins manually add me to such group, please?

SIP: megver83 at sip.linphone.org
IRC (Freenode): Megver83
XMPP: megver83 at jabjab.de
Tox: megver83 at toxme.io
GPG: 0x227CA7C556B2BA78
GNUSocial: @megver82 at quitter.cl
Diaspora*: megver83 at diasp.org
Pump: Megver83 at datamost.com
Friendica: megver83 at friendica.eu

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