[Dev] request for shell/git access

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Sat Sep 2 23:09:45 GMT 2017

i would like to continue working on a new graphical ISO and installer
for parabola - oaken-source was working with me on this to some degree a
few months ago but he has not been active in parabola since then and i
have not been able to get anyone else to review them - the most
attention it got was to suggest that perhaps parabola should stay true
to its archlinux heritage and not have any graphical tools

aurelien suggested i should ask for server access and finish the job
myself adhocratically - lukashu then suggested i send a patch to the
mailing list but that is not very practical as that patch would include
over 100 files - (the calamares installer being not in parabola yet is
thousands of files) - parabolaiso is stored in git and so are my changes
so that is clearly the best way for anyone to acquire the sources and
view the diffs - there is an earlier message posted to the mailing list
describing the need for a new ISO, the current progress, and the future
plans with links to the git repos on notabug -->

i am fine with completing it on my own but of course some peer review is
a good idea - i will leave this to the team to decide how or whether to
move forward on this - initially i am suggesting an alpha release to
appear on the downloads page (that is ready now) - perhaps that would
make it more likely to get more eyes on it if a demo were pre-built and

im not sure how the servers are configured - i seem to remember
oaken-source needed to touch multiple servers to post a new release (FTP
site, the downloads wiki page) so it is not clear which specific access
i should be asking for - but ideally, i would like to be able to build
the ISOs on the server where they would be hosted rather than building
locally and uploading - also there are many open issues on the bug
tracker related to this (some are years old) so perhaps i could be
permitted me to curate those

attached is an SSH key i just created for this purpose - it is signed by
the same GPG key that signed this message
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