[Dev] Use of donations for DNS / future of donations

Luke Shumaker lukeshu at lukeshu.com
Tue Oct 31 16:47:00 GMT 2017

On Mon, 30 Oct 2017 10:26:59 -0400,
fauno wrote:
> i've asked tct if we can renew the [parabolagnulinux.org] domain for
> many years with the parabola funds and he said it's ok.  is anyone
> against?  i'll wait a few days.
> now that some time has passed and the dust is seemingly settled, we need
> to restart the discussion about the remaining donations and if we want
> to keep receiving them, we need to figure out a new agreement with a
> different foundation.

Creating a new thread for greater visibility.

fauno's original message was here:

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