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bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Thu Oct 26 16:10:47 GMT 2017

my last email about this only was sent only to ben and not the mailing
list so i will re-iterate

in my last email about these artwork submissions i mentioned that i have
been planning to use the "freedo" the bathing penguin logo in the
bootloader banner but i have not done so yet because i could not find
the license for it - about 4 weeks ago i asked jxself about it and he
said that's because there is no license for it - it is the work of
several different people that was passed about the mailing list strictly
for use by the FSFLA - to his recollection, ruben mentioned something
once about releasing it under the GNU FDL but no consensus was ever
reached and no one ever formally published it anywhere else but the
FSFLA website - he has since been contacting all of the known authors in
order to get them to agree on a license so that parabola can use it -
but that has not happened yet

it is not at all clear who posted the image on that wiki page you linked
to but it is very likely that it was done without permission - it
credits the source as an email post from ruben that had no license
specified so that wiki page in itself is very thin evidence

there was no need to ask anyone else about this or to forward the reply
to anyone - i was not expecting you to find the license for it - the
people who are able to license "freedo" are in discussion about doing so
now - jxself will let us know when it is officially released under a
proper license - but that was not the reason i brought it to your
attention - i only mentioned it because you used this and several other
such mascots without crediting any of the sources or noting the
licenses; which is squarely contrary to the most core principals of
parabola and the GNU FSDG - i sent you the last message in private as a
courtesy - but now you are still using that image in new works and still
there is no credits anywhere in your repo as to the copyright holders of
that image - i am very disappointed and now i must let this be known
publicly so that no one will wonder why i am very hesitant to use any of
your submissions now

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