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Megver83 megver83 at hyperbola.info
Thu Oct 26 16:04:35 GMT 2017

El 26/10/17 a las 09:21, fauno escribió:
> Megver83 <megver83 at hyperbola.info> writes:
>>> and... for fun for Halloween I've just made this
>>> https://github.com/OccultusCaudex/parabola-artwork/blob/master/banners/parabola_banner_twitter_halloween.png
>>> I modified the color of the GNU, the font is "URW Gothic L", created the
>>> moon, the bats and the pumpkin smile..  :-D
>>> hahaha, I liked the Haloween banner. I think that in the past we didn't
>> had artwork related to celebrations (good idea BTW)
> yes, but are they going to be just yankee celebrations though?  parabola
> is a global project ;)
> and most local celebrations i can think of now are religious or coopted
> by or about people being killed... don't we have our own celebrations?
> gnu's birthday, software freedom day, gravmass even!  and we always
> forget parabola's birthday which according to irc channel created 8
> years and a day ago, on 2009-10-26!
>> But the Freedo bootlogo is the Freedo we all know. However, I expected
>> sth. made by our community, like the actual logo we use (which was made
>> by coadde).
> the logo (the one in parabola.nu's header) was made by shackra :)

Yea, I meant Freedo, the blue penguin of our linux-libre (ARM) bootlogo


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