[Dev] Fwd: Re: freedo artwork license

Ben Gailly ben at techtux.be
Wed Oct 25 22:49:51 GMT 2017

> El 25/10/17 a las 16:02, Ben Gailly escribió:
>> bill-auger, and everyone that could need it,
>> I'm forwarding you the response I've got concerning the freedo artwork. (Following the previous use I've done with this logo artwork without license permission).
>> Maybe it could help us to use it sometimes and on the Parabola website to underline the fact that we use the Libre Kernel ?
>> If I have.more infos, I'll forward it too.
> You could maybe create a new freedo bootlogo (we are currently using
> this[0] ones)
> [0] https://repomirror.parabola.nu/other/linux-libre/logos/

It's done with the original freedo here (as I don't have "write" access
to /srv/repo/main/other/logos)


and... for fun for Halloween I've just made this

I modified the color of the GNU, the font is "URW Gothic L", created the
moon, the bats and the pumpkin smile..  :-D

**Ben "Skwid" Gailly**
**skwid at diasp.org | skwid at framasphere.org**

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