[Dev] Artwork on the calamares and my github repo | last update

Ben Gailly ben at techtux.be
Thu Oct 19 20:41:11 GMT 2017

Hi everyone,

For this part, I started a new discussion.

So, to resume what I've done :

I've added the slides for the future Calamares Installer Slide-show,
including the language slide, the logo slide, and 5 other slides (the
5.1 and 5.2 slides are there for you to make a choice. There is a "red"
one with flash "100% Libre Software" (thanks to "Ben" for his proposal)
and one with transparent words.)

I also added in the "source" folder which includes........ the source
files :-)

And I added to the root repo a "tutorial" folder where I show in the
source files how I did the penguin, the laptop and the globe. In the
README.md file I've made a little explanation on how I did it.

This is made for us to know that these artworks are made from scratch
for the Parabola GNU/Linux-Libre project avoiding any license research. :-)

The artworks that I didn't made myself from scratch but that I modified,
are listed with a link to their licenses in the "AUTHOR(s)" text file in
the "calamares_installer_slides" folder.

I hope you will enjoy it.

**Ben "Skwid" Gailly**

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