[Dev] feedback for Parabola beta ISOs

Ben uaqben at disroot.org
Thu Oct 19 16:38:47 GMT 2017

Hi Ben


+ languages.png:

    what will the background likely be?

    asking as maybe we should add some left+right padding to the
languages respective grey rectangle frames - so their first & last
letters are not so close to the border cut-off... but depending on the
background maybe this won't be an issue.

+ slide5.1.png

    I prefer this one as it stands out more; but 5.2 is ok too.



On 10/19/2017 06:04 PM, Ben Gailly wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> https://github.com/OccultusCaudex/parabola-artwork/tree/master/calamares_installer_slides
> Slides and sources updated for the Calamares Installer following the
> rules and the demand of bill-auger.
> I hope these will fit your expectations..
> (I've updated Github with command line! Finally ! )

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