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El 16/10/17 a las 15:24, Megver83 escribió:
> Hi,
> I maintain kernels in [kernels] for all its architectures, and ebrasca
> also maintains some too (for x86 and x64 only).
> I was wondering how much ppl uses them (can we know the downloads?),
> because for example the Knock patches which are maintained by
> Emulatorman are giving me some issues, and Emulatorman, although he
> still maintains those patches at Hyperbola's git, doesn't compile
> vanilla kernels (LTS only, the knock patches for vanilla are the problem
> for me). So those patches are kinda abandoned (they are included in PCK,
> which has stopped me to update it, and I thought on changing the knock
> patches and kernels with PF). Plus, no one has marked those kernels as
> outdated, which smells like there is not much interest in them.
> Besides that, for GRSec we have linux-libre-hardened (which includes
> some grsecurity code), and some of our users might miss the combination
> of GRSeC + Knock. For that, I thought on the combination of hardened
> pacthes + apparmor or tomoyo configuration.
> My idea is to deprecate some kernels (specifically: linux-libre-xen,
> linux-libre-nand, linux-libre-knock and linux-libre-audit, supposing
> that no one or almost nobody uses them) but to add new ones in
> compensation. These kernels would be:
> - linux-libre-hardened-apparmor OR linux-libre-hardened-tomoyo
> - linux-libre-pf
> - linux-libre-lts-pf
> *And* replace knock with pf in the PCK patch (I haven't yet tested if
> the PF patch conflicts rcn-libre or ZEN, I also have to study their
> differences, both share some features. Looks like pf has ZEN, but I'll
> see later).
> I really need the community's opinion, because maintaining kernels is
> not a light job. I enjoy it, but sometimes it's tedious.
> Cheers,
After studying the PF patch, I see that it's part of ZEN already. For
that reason, I want to reformulate my proposal of new kernels (these
will be included if we remove the ones I said, unless someone else
volunteers to maintain those):

- linux-libre-hardened-apparmor
- linux-libre-hardened-tomoyo
- linux-libre-tomoyo
- linux-libre-lts-tomoyo


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