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Megver83 megver83 at hyperbola.info
Mon Oct 16 18:24:55 GMT 2017

I maintain kernels in [kernels] for all its architectures, and ebrasca
also maintains some too (for x86 and x64 only).

I was wondering how much ppl uses them (can we know the downloads?),
because for example the Knock patches which are maintained by
Emulatorman are giving me some issues, and Emulatorman, although he
still maintains those patches at Hyperbola's git, doesn't compile
vanilla kernels (LTS only, the knock patches for vanilla are the problem
for me). So those patches are kinda abandoned (they are included in PCK,
which has stopped me to update it, and I thought on changing the knock
patches and kernels with PF). Plus, no one has marked those kernels as
outdated, which smells like there is not much interest in them.

Besides that, for GRSec we have linux-libre-hardened (which includes
some grsecurity code), and some of our users might miss the combination
of GRSeC + Knock. For that, I thought on the combination of hardened
pacthes + apparmor or tomoyo configuration.

My idea is to deprecate some kernels (specifically: linux-libre-xen,
linux-libre-nand, linux-libre-knock and linux-libre-audit, supposing
that no one or almost nobody uses them) but to add new ones in
compensation. These kernels would be:

- linux-libre-hardened-apparmor OR linux-libre-hardened-tomoyo
- linux-libre-pf
- linux-libre-lts-pf

*And* replace knock with pf in the PCK patch (I haven't yet tested if
the PF patch conflicts rcn-libre or ZEN, I also have to study their
differences, both share some features. Looks like pf has ZEN, but I'll
see later).

I really need the community's opinion, because maintaining kernels is
not a light job. I enjoy it, but sometimes it's tedious.


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