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Megver83 megver83 at hyperbola.info
Mon Oct 16 17:42:12 GMT 2017

El 16/10/17 a las 08:01, Ben Gailly escribió:
> Hi !
> bill-auger, Megver83,
> I've add on my Github https://github.com/OccultusCaudex/parabola-artwork
> several artworks:
> Two new wallpapers, which I think could be better as default. With a
> Systemd and OpenRC version (under the demand of Megver83) with a better
> quality and more visual than the "Bluecrystal" one :
> The "parabola_wallpaper_systemd_darkgrey.png" and the
> "parabola_wallpaper_openrc_darkgrey.png"

Great ones! Anyways I still stay with the bluecryatal wallpaper, but
let's see what bill-auger says.

> And I've also add more artworks (in svg format) for a future package (or
> to add on the ISO..) :
> alternative_logos: A Parabola+LXDE, Parabola+OpenRC and Parabola+Systemd
> alternative logos
> icons : Parabola default icon, Parabola black icon, Parabola
> default+light effect
> web_button: two web buttons for advocacy on websites, links, etc.

Awesome, I really love your artwork, I'm sure that the GTK theme will be
incredible too.

> I'm making the slides for the Calamares installer.
> I've already made 5 slides on 7, and when I'll finish it, I will propose
> it here (and upload to my Github..) :-)
> I hope you'll like all of these new artworks..
> **Ben "Skwid"**
> On 10/13/2017 07:46 PM, bill-auger wrote:
>> Ben -
>> at this point it is not strictly necessary for you to use the manual
>> "git" utility - how are you getting the files onto github now? are you
>> using the "upload files" button? that is probably quite sufficient for
>> this purpose - all you would need to do beyond that is to ask a parabola
>> dev to merge your new changes into the 'contrib/skwid' branch of the
>> 'artwork' repo
>> for learning git there is a great online tutorial at
>> http://gitimmersion.com/ and even github has something similar now
>> https://try.github.io/levels/1/challenges/1 though i have not used that one
>> about the "img+gpl" folder - that name was not part of the conventions
>> and not at all descriptive - i thought they would be better sorted by
>> meaningful folder names like 'wallpapers' and 'frames' - i will make a
>> new directory for 'banners', sort the new ones, and send another pull
>> request - feel free to add new categorical folders if you need them such
>> as 'icons' or whatever
>> i could pick a few small nits such as:
>> * the high contrast of the "glare" on the parabola icon - the bottom
>> half of the parabola is very dark and barely contrasts with the
>> background - on some monitors it will appear that the bottom half is missing
>> * the "arch-based" label - i have been trying to gain support for the
>> idea that use of the words "arch" and "archlinux" (or "arch the
>> gnu/linux") is irreconcilably problematic and would be best avoiding
>> them entirely - see this wiki page if you are interested
>> https://wiki.parabola.nu/The_ArchLinux_Misnomer
>> but overall this is good work - it may be nice eventulaly to packages
>> these for users to install via pacman
>> have you considered making a slideshow for the installer? - i could help
>> with ideas if you are not sure what that entails
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