[Dev] feedback for Parabola beta ISOs

Ben Gailly ben at techtux.be
Sat Oct 14 05:19:10 GMT 2017


I've changed the "OpenRC" and the "Systemd" wallpapers to a more visual
logo (added, as in the original wallpaper, a lighted white transparent
rectangle behind the logo)
I've also added another smartphone wallpaper (for the "bluecrystals
And I've simply removed the "Arch Based" "insult" I did (after reading
the article you gave me about the "Naming convention" problem).

Now I've retrieve some informations for the Slideshow of Calamares.

I've noticed 3 differents pictures categories:

_1 for the "Welcome" / "Language" message       

_On some version, there is a "Welcome" picture and message and a
"Language" picture and message.
I don't know which one you've chosen.

_5 for the "Installation" process   
For e.g. src/branding/manjaro-xfce/slide1.png to slide5.png

I also check the "show.qml" file which presents every slide with a link
to the picture and a text for the introduction.


Now, I can change every pictures with new ones, keeping the same names
to fit the "calamares" style.
I could also check the texts and adapt for Parabola Gnu/Linux-Libre.
But if you already have ideas, I'm up to here :-)

The only things I ask is the "style" you would like for these pictures.
Flat Design, modern, old, ugly, darker, etc
It will help me to fit your expectations..

And I'm also learing how to do a simple "damn not so easy to learn"
package with all of these artworks..
Which is another totally new thing. (I've picked up some examples,
templates, for "package making"..)

On 10/13/2017 07:46 PM, bill-auger wrote:
> Ben -
> at this point it is not strictly necessary for you to use the manual
> "git" utility - how are you getting the files onto github now? are you
> using the "upload files" button? that is probably quite sufficient for
> this purpose - all you would need to do beyond that is to ask a parabola
> dev to merge your new changes into the 'contrib/skwid' branch of the
> 'artwork' repo
> for learning git there is a great online tutorial at
> http://gitimmersion.com/ and even github has something similar now
> https://try.github.io/levels/1/challenges/1 though i have not used that one
> about the "img+gpl" folder - that name was not part of the conventions
> and not at all descriptive - i thought they would be better sorted by
> meaningful folder names like 'wallpapers' and 'frames' - i will make a
> new directory for 'banners', sort the new ones, and send another pull
> request - feel free to add new categorical folders if you need them such
> as 'icons' or whatever
> i could pick a few small nits such as:
> * the high contrast of the "glare" on the parabola icon - the bottom
> half of the parabola is very dark and barely contrasts with the
> background - on some monitors it will appear that the bottom half is missing
> * the "arch-based" label - i have been trying to gain support for the
> idea that use of the words "arch" and "archlinux" (or "arch the
> gnu/linux") is irreconcilably problematic and would be best avoiding
> them entirely - see this wiki page if you are interested
> https://wiki.parabola.nu/The_ArchLinux_Misnomer
> but overall this is good work - it may be nice eventulaly to packages
> these for users to install via pacman
> have you considered making a slideshow for the installer? - i could help
> with ideas if you are not sure what that entails
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