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Fri Oct 13 17:15:41 GMT 2017

El 13/10/17 a las 13:40, Ben Gailly escribió:
> On 10/13/2017 03:56 AM, bill-auger wrote:
>> El 12/10/17 a las 01:24, Ben Gailly escribió:
>>> Should I start trying to make a theme and maybe an icon pack for lxde
>>> instead of mate 
>> mate and LXDE use the same themes - they are the standard GTK2/GTK3
>> pairs - i suspect the reason that the parabola theme is broken in the
>> new version of mate is that they switched to GTK3 and perhaps the
>> parabola theme was made only for GTK2 - if that is the case then it will
>> work in LXDE as is
>> there exists themes galore though - so that is not so urgent - the one
>> thing that we do not have any example of is a slideshow for calamares -
>> that is the first task i would take up if i were wearing my designer hat
>> today
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> bill-auger,
> I've accepted your Github Pull Request.
> I've also add new wallpapers (for Systemd and OpenRC, as demanded by
> Megver83), two banners and a Smartphone wallpaper.
> They are in the "img+gpl" folder.
> As these "push, pull, commit" are a new world for me, I really don't
> want to screw anything.
> That's why I'm asking if I've to move them in the other folder named
> "wallpapers" ?
> And that's also why I didn't do anything on the server (via sftp
> connection) or via the "git" utility.
> So if anyone here would like to make a small explanation on
> what-to-do-without-scratching-everything with the git, or on the srv, it
> will be appreciated..
> Or simply I don't have to do anything since my github repo is supposed
> to be synced with the parabola artwork git..
> Thanks for your patience (as I'm a new to this repo-git world..)
> Skwid.
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> Dev at lists.parabola.nu
> https://lists.parabola.nu/mailman/listinfo/dev
In git, this are the three base commands:

$ git pull # Retrieves new changes
$ git add --all # If you want to add all your changes/new files to the
repo, else specify the files instead of putting --all
$ git commit -m "Message" # The commit message. Usually here you say
what's new.
$ git push # push the changes to the git repo, then you can see it and
the commit in the web interface

If you want to modify your commit message:
$ git commit --amend

If you accidentally didn't update the repo and you have to merge your
changes with the ones you didn't retrieve (you are notified when pushing)
$ git pull --rebase

Other useful commands:

See the commits from CLI
$ git log

See an specific commit (you can save it as a patch)
$ git show $COMMIT # you can see the COMMIT with `git log`

All of these is what you need to know, as a beginner ;)


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