[Dev] merging the artwork git repos

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Thu Oct 12 04:54:28 GMT 2017

i added the new 'skwid' contributions in the 'artwork' repo as branch
'contrib/skwid' - that branch is a full clone of his upstream repo on
github so that any future contributions can be merged easily with

there is also the 'pac' repo that contains the official artwork from
2015 - im not sure why there are two separate repos for artwork but i
also merged the 'pac' repo into the 'artwork' repo as the official/2015
branch - i did not want to delete the 'pac' repo myself but if anyone
wants to delete the original it is just cruft now - you can verify it by
checking out the 'artwork' repo and adding the 'pac' repo as a remote
then `git fetch pac ; git diff pac/master artwork/official/2015`

i also noticed that both the 'artwork' and 'pac' repos are listed twice
each on the cgit front page - im not sure if that is intentional either

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