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bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Mon Oct 9 00:05:38 GMT 2017

Ben -

do you use git? the most concise way to do this would be to add all of
your artwork to a git repo and include a LICENSE file and a README with
the standard GPL copyright header

the wiki is very cumbersome to use for that purpose but there is some
settings for each individual file where you define the licenses - as of
now you have selected "The Free Art License", "The Creative Commons
Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0", and "The GNU Free Documentation License" -
im not sure how to access it myself but somewhere there is a 4th option
for GPL

as i said before, in the end these will go into a git repo such as this
one https://git.parabola.nu/pac.git/tree/ - you could even just clone
that repo as is and add a new folder to it - that one should probably be
consolidated into the original artwork repo eventually so there is no
preference of how to handle it at the moment but eventually if you
become a permanent team member you would be pushing your work directly
into one of the git repos

for today, you could even just post a zip file to this mailing list
including the images and a README or COPYING file something like this
one is a great example: https://git.parabola.nu/pac.git/tree/COPYING

if you dont use git yet i could explain to you the basics - i think you
would find it is a time-saver in the long run - are you on the IRC?

if you want to contribute some more artwork, in the immediate future, i
can say that probably the areas most lacking are the installer slideshow
and the desktop themes - the installer has no slideshow at all now and
the existing desktop theme may need some attention to fit inti Mate -
also it would be nice to have matching light and dark themes

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