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bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Sun Oct 8 20:54:35 GMT 2017

Ben -

i think it is great that you would like to make some artwork for
parabola - we have been working to release some new installer discs and
wondering whether or not to re-use the artwork from previous editions -
most distros use different designs for each release but parabola has
been without a dedicated artist for some time so not much has been done
in that respect for the new releases

i would like to ask you to change the filename of the wallpaper named
'parabola-banner.png' - for three reasons: 1. that it is not banner - a
banner is a wide and stout shape such as the top header of a web-page -
2. the name is not descriptive - it implies that there is and can only
ever be one "The Parabola Banner" - and 3. i am working now on a
parabola_banner_untitled that is a banner - for instance some of the
existing wallpapers have names like:
* parabola_wallpaper_landscape
* parabola_wallpaper_SimpleC

so i would like to see something more descriptive to easily distinguish
them - of a common form like:
* parabola_wallpaper_bluecrystals
* parabola_frame_purpleneon

on the wiki is is easy to see what the image is but in the end, these
are stored in git repos - take a look at this list of existing artwork
for example https://git.parabola.nu/pac.git/tree/src/img+gpl and see
just how ridiculously difficult it is to determine what that image
actually is - i would very much like to go through all of those and give
them more meaningful names - they are mostly duplicates as well - as i
would be one who is most closely working with the artwork, i would like
to have these better organized in the future

the most important request i would like to make of you though is that
you publish these under the GPL and provide your sources - "sources"
meaning your .xcf or .svg project files and anything else that would be
needed to edit the layers and re-create the images - i think the blue
crystals wallpaper that you made is quite nice for example but i would
not want to use as a desktop background for a couple reasons - firstly
it has an unconventional aspect ratio and would be noticeably distorted
from the original on most people's monitors - also the aspect ratio of
the logo is distorted out of proportion which should always be avoided -
that is why you rarely see logos on desktop wallpaper - something like
16x10 is better for a desktop wallpaper because the majority of monitors
in the world are in the 16x9 to 16x10 range - ideally there would be
multiple versions at different sizes for the user to select but the
default should be like 1280x800 or 1920x1200 - i tried resizing that
image to 6x10 and 6x9 but the logo was still the wrong aspect ratio -
this is why having the sources is invaluable so that nice works would
not need to be sent back to the artist over such relatively small
details - and it helps to make them re-usable in other forms

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