[Dev] Parabola GNU/Linux-libre OpenRC Edition ISOs are ready

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Tue Oct 3 20:23:20 GMT 2017

On 10/03/2017 03:07 PM, Megver83 wrote:
> Maybe the MATE ISO won't go
> further than a beta, but the CLI ISO should.

yes that is what i was thinking also - i assume there are fewer things
that could go wrong with the CLI ISO so that one can probably be
promoted sooner than the others

> Right, btw why don't you put screenshots of the beta releases?

the thing about that is - i not sure how valuable screenshots are to
anyone - especially the CLI editions dont have anything useful to show a
screenshot of - all such screenshots are showing is what the desktop
looks like - for example, what would be the difference between
Distro-A's screenshot of their LXDE desktop and distro-B's screenshot of
their LXDE desktop? only the wallpaper right? i have thought about it
because the entire downloads page is probably going to need a major
re-design in order to display all the new ISOs that are possible - but
they would probably all have the same wallpaper sp really all they would
be showing is "this is what LXDE looks like",  "this is what KDE looks
like", "this is what Mate looks like" - another strong option is to
remove or hide all screenshots from the main downloads page - on the
other hand, some people may appreciate them even if nothing useful can
be learned from them, so maybe just move them to another page or make
them pop-up? - but i tend to save design concerns for last, after the
important work is done

> About including your LXDE configs in parabolaiso.git?

all my current work is on notabug - it is the same parabolaiso.git repo
so you could just add it as a remote and start using my changes now if
you like - that would allow building a 32-bit only and 64-bit only
editions - if not only for the reason that they build in 1/2 the time
during development - i just did not want my development branch to end up
on parabola because it is messy and none of the commits are signed -
just today i have the 32bit LXDE desktop in pretty good shape and i have
one bug to fix with the 64bit build - next i will be refactoring /
rebasing / consolidating / squashing the dozens of commits i have now
into a few concise chunks and sign them before merging onto the master
branch - then i will push it to parabola servers

> Also keep me up to date with the changes to make

you would need to copy the ./build.sh script from configs/lxde-systemd/
changing only the first 3 "edition-specific strings" vars - most
importantly base_group='base-openrc' - the base group should not need to
be in the package list - i am hoping to re-factor the package lists so
the same file could be common to all builds (the same with calamares) -
there is much redundancy in these configs - that was fine for arch that
had only 2 configs but it is not very DRY to expand on and is kinda
messy now - i think that is why the original idea was to have each
edition on its own branch all based from a common 'releng' branch - but
in reality there is little reason to have them separated at all -
selecting a desktop for the ISO could be as simple as passing a
`--desktop` option to the ./build.sh script - other than that, i am
trying hard not to do anything that would require changes to any files
under the existing configs/ - so hopefully you would not need to make
any changes to what you have now - i was planning to try building one of
the openRC configs on my fork to make sure of this but you are welcome
to try it first

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