[Dev] [RFC] blacklist/your-freedom conflicts/replaces stragegy

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Mon Oct 2 11:57:10 GMT 2017

i can answer to 'parabolaiso-git' - i explained on this list a few days
ago that the parabolaiso was never intended to be a VCS-based release -
im not sure when, but the '-git' package is a relatively recent change -
it was orginally 'parabolaiso' - updates to this project should normally
be so in-frequent as to make VCS-based and versioned packages
essentially identical - i also mentioned that parabolaiso can now be
built in-tree so there really does not need to be any pacman package for
this program


the upstream has and still does mark versioned releases and the Makefile
was designed to create release tarballs - i think that parabolaiso
should soon merge in the upstream changes and revert back to standard
versioned release packages - or eliminate the 'parabolaiso' package
entirely keeping only the 'parabolaiso-data' package

regarding archiso itself, in reality im not sure there is any important
reason for 'parabolaiso' to forcefully replace 'archiso' as there is no
real conflict having them both installed on the same system - only if it
is the case that 'archiso' necessarily installs non-free sofrtware
should it actually be on the blacklist in the first place

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