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Sat Nov 25 17:30:06 GMT 2017

El 24/11/17 a las 21:27, powers at copper.net escribió:
> Happy to see your OpenRC editions.  Interested in getting away from
> systemd where possible.
> .


> Live CDs look great.  Installed both Mate & Lxde initial releases to usb
> thumb drives for testing.
> No usable X-windows on either one - only twm, caja, & not much else.

OpenRC-MATE is unsupported and no longer maintained. Do not use

> Installed 2nd release of Lxde - no auto start of X and no login
> manager.  Login from command
> line, ran startx, enable wifi, ran updates.  All good.  Installed Xfce
> (my preferred desktop), added
> it to my .initrc, rebooted, login, and startx brings me into Xfce.  Also
> installed Mate but so far
> haven't figured out how to start it.
> Anxiously awaiting the next release.  Keep up the good work.  I still
> use the 16.03 Mate systemd
> release with Xfce added,  but expect to switch to the OpenRC version
> when it matures.  Thanks
> for all your hard work.

Next release? why? do I missed sth? everything was tested and proved to
work. If I launch a second release, would be to include
archlinux32-keyring (which I plan to do when linux-libre 4.14 gets into

> Incidentally, I tried the 17.05 Mate dual iso and encountered several
> other problems besides the
> no-desktop-icons bug, so did not try to install it.  No such problems
> with the 16.03 release.

Do not use MATE ISOs. Not even the old systemd ISO, because it's too

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