[Dev] Iceweasel 57 status

eliotreyna at cock.email eliotreyna at cock.email
Tue Nov 21 00:48:31 GMT 2017


Since the release of Firefox 57 officially in wedmesday, existed some 
issues related to the release of Iceweasel. However, due to the big 
changes that has been made from the source code, exists a delay with the 
release of Iceweasel 57.

If we can help about the changes that has been made in the source code 
for apply the rebranding and/or another variables for make the browser 

If we can improve the progress of Iceweasel 57, we can follow this 
developer release notes:

PS: Can I make an Iceweasel rebrand for the version 59 for the release 
of Quantum source code for ESR branch?


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