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Megver83 megver83 at hyperbola.info
Sat Nov 18 18:59:40 GMT 2017

Since I've seen a lot of Arch-based distros offering not only OpenRC as
an alternative to Systemd but also other inits such as runit, s6, sinit,
busybox, daemontools, etc. I thought on why not doing the same.

I've added Runit[0][1] to [pcr] (I already tested it *a lot* to make it
work well). I "borrowed" the PKGBUILD from Artix, but did some
modifications to it so it provides /sbin/init.

As OpenRC can work well with the provided init program (it used to do
with sysvinit by default), I modified it to package openrc-init in a
separated package[3] called 'openrc-init' which, like the package
'runit', provides and conflicts 'init'.

Our runit version, different from Artix's, can (optionally) work with
OpenRC through 'runit-scripts'[1][4] which will invoke /sbin/openrc if
it exists[5]. As agetty is started by the init program (in this case
runit[6] of course), I've pulled /etc/{conf,init}.d/agetty.* from
'openrc' to 'openrc-init' (also the poweroff, shutdown, halt and reboot
scripts, which work only with openrc-shutdown. Maybe that binary I
should also move it to openrc-init).

Which are your thoughts on this? I thought on, later, add S6-rc from
Obarun[7], as it has many init scripts and looks more active[8] that
others like runit or sinit (which haven't got update for like 2-3 years,
but at least they KISS)

[4] https://gitlab.com/Megver83/runit-scripts
[5] https://gitlab.com/Megver83/runit-scripts/blob/master/1#L5
[6] https://gitlab.com/Megver83/runit-scripts/blob/master/2
[7] https://web.obarun.org/
[8] https://git.skarnet.org/cgi-bin/cgit.cgi/s6/

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