[Dev] [dbscripts]: Arch Linux 32 support [annoucement]. ABS' future [RFC]

Isaac David isacdaavid at isacdaavid.info
Sat Nov 11 18:01:16 GMT 2017


i've been working over the last few days on getting dbscripts to
import i686 packages from archlinux32.org. this resulted on a single
script (db-import-pkg) shared by our 3 upstream providers, with common
routines from the previous separate scripts modularised, de-duplicated
and (briefly) documented. armv7h and i686 will also stop duplicating
arch=(any) packages first obtained from Arch proper.

that's it for the cursory announcement/overview of the impending
dbscripts release, which probably affects no one but our server.

on a related topic, we no longer have a (working) tool to retrieve
sources per package. Arch's [deprecation of ABS][] also spelled the end
of Parabola's dbscripts program that dealt with populating our own
ABS-like tree.

because .src tarballs are completely lacking from ALARM and Arch32,
it's clear to me that the only way forward is to pull from VC systems
themselves and cook one full Parabola source tree from there. that is,
one per upstream/architecture, overriding with customized PKGBUILDs.

but what about the client? what are your views regarding fixing and
continuing abs vs adopting and adapting the newer --and apparently
more complex-- [asp][]?

[deprecation of ABS]: https://www.archlinux.org/news/deprecation-of-abs/
[asp]: https://github.com/falconindy/asp

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