[Dev] Install media releng / I made some changes

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Tue Nov 7 19:17:57 GMT 2017

that halo tool seems very nifty - the actual configuration is minimal
and the modifications are trivial though - a configuration management
tool would be "managing" very little

these are all of the modifications to existing files owned by other

for all ISOs:
* 4 languages are un-commented in /etc/locale.gen
* the edition title is injected into /etc/motd

for the 'complete' ISOs only:
* the definition of the local on-disk package repo is added to

of those, the edition title is the only dynamic value - it contains the
build date matching the output filename - even that is fully
deterministic it needs not be a date - it is actually the version string
that is printed verbatim as passed into the build script on the command
line - the others are static values will apply with the current values
to ISOs present and future (unless a new locale is added) - but the live
environment does not use a DM so im not even sure if the locales are
applicable to anything but the CLI install script (which is being phased

there are a small number of files in the 'root-image' overlay that are
copied directly to the live environment filesystem (so not owned by any
package that is installed in the live environment) - i would eventually
like to put these all in the 'parabolaiso-data' package which could be
installed in the live environment and the 'root-image' overlay feature
could be removed or at least unused - that is the original intended way
to customize the install with anything specific to the live environment
that did not belong in any standard package (e.g. service files,
password-less sudoers file, ssh root login)

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