[Dev] [RFC] Splitting abslibre.git into branches

fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Wed May 24 19:07:34 GMT 2017

Andreas Grapentin <andreas at grapentin.org> writes:
>  - it would become difficult to find certain packages - take for example
>    libre/kipi-plugins. it is built in the directory libre/digikam. I can
>    easily find that out with a grep over abslibre, but how would I find
>    the right branch? The mapping from package to branch is non-obvious.

this isn't obvious for any tool, that's why `dagpkg` relies on
`toru-path` to maintain a map of pkgname:path so it doesn't have to
guess where's a pkgbuild (or you don't have to remember it).

i stress this point because we're running in circles with problems we've
solved five years ago (or more!)

>  - I have a couple of scripts operating on all packages, like checking
>    for latest upstream version, making sure all arches are up to date
>    with the pkgbuild, etc. I could rewrite these to work on branches
>    instead, but that might not work if I have feature branches locally.

and share them!

> And if you plan on introducing a tool that pulls separate packages from
> the repository, that makes working on the file system level possible
> again, then please think carefully whether the benefits of the changes
> you have in mind warrant the creation of this tool, the broken workflows
> of your collaborators, the learning curve introduced, and the numerous
> issues that I expect will pop up with this in the future. Maybe the time
> invested here would be more useful elsewhere :)


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