[Dev] Blacklist zeitgeist in your-privacy-blacklist

Andreas Grapentin andreas at grapentin.org
Tue May 23 05:44:56 GMT 2017

On Tue, May 23, 2017 at 02:34:59AM +0100, Josh Branning wrote:
> To me, the line is drawn when the system starts recording what files you
> open, or have opened, and at what time. I'd prefer it didn't do that.

imo, if the data doesn't leave your system, regardless of what is being
recorded, then this is really a non-issue. And if someone forces access
to your system, enabling them to read this data, then you have other
things than a log of opened files to worry about.

However, if this 'feature' of zeitgeist bothers you, you could do a
couple of things, such as removing write access to the sqlite db, or
truncating it periodically - logrotate might be able to help with that.
Most importantly, you should also file a feature request upstream to add
a 'privacy mode' where history is not recorded, or not kept beyond its

That being said, arguing against locally logging data is a slippery
slope, because many applications log more data than they need to **under
normal operation**, but much of this data is useful in troubleshooting
issues that pop up. It is easy for you to decide that for yourself, but
as a community, deciding whether a package logs more data than it should
would invite a lot of heated discussion, and I would argue against
curating such a list.



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