[Dev] Blacklist zeitgeist in your-privacy-blacklist

Josh Branning lovell.joshyyy at gmail.com
Mon May 22 23:32:54 GMT 2017


This is a request to blacklist, or somehow disable the package zeitgeist 
and related packages in the your-privacy-blacklist.

It basically keeps a log of all of the users actions in the form of an 
sqllite3 database.

Deleting the package can cause problems for gnome-desktop users though, 
I'm not sure if it's enough to delete the database, touch the file and 
set it as read-only? This may be preferable as some other packages also 
rely on zeitgeist and related packages.

... I am testing on a Trisquel machine to see what happens. It is worth 
noting that this affects all gnome desktops, and ubuntu and it's 
derivatives. It is not known to me whether it also affects Debian and 
it's derivatives using the 'default' settings. Either way, installing 
anything that uses the zeitgeist libraries will probably mean you are 
being logged.

So freak out,


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