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So near from Chile, but not in Chile :P
Are there going to be live transmissions? To watch him in real time.

Adonay Felipe Nogueira:
> Richard Stallman needs no introduction... but here is one anyway!
> Richard Stallman is the author of the GNU GPL, founded the Free Software
> Foundation, and started the development of the GNU operating system
> (including GNU Emacs, GCC, the coreutils, etc.), which we and tens of
> millions of GNU/Linux users love.  However, his main contribution is
> philosophical.  He is the father of the Free Software Movement.  He
> identified four freedoms that each one of us deserves to be in control
> of her computing.  Stallman now dedicates most of his life to advocacy.
> In particular, he travels the whole world to eloquently spread awareness
> about the Free Software Movement, its ethical foundations and its social
> and political necessity.
> Richard Stallman will deliver ten talks in Brazil and Argentina,
> starting with "A Free Digital Society" in Belo Horizonte on May 29th.
> Here is the whole list:
> - May 29th, 2pm in Belo Horizonte, Brazil: "A Free Digital Society" (talk
>   in English with simultaneous translation in Portuguese, using 300
>   headsets) in the Auditório Nobre (640 seats) of the CAD1 building in the
>   Pampulha campus of the UFMG;
> - May 31st, 4pm in Campinas, Brazil: "Your Freedom as a User of Computers
>   and Cell Phones" in the room CB-06 of the Ciclo Básico I (antigo) of the
>   Universidade Estadual de Campinas;
> - June 2nd, 6pm in Curitiba, Brazil: "Free Software and Your Freedom" in
>   the Auditório Prof. Ulysses de Campos in the Applied Social Sciences
>   Sector of the UFPR. The organizers of the event are seeking donations to
>   provide translation equipment for the speech:
>   [[http://rms.curitibalivre.org.br/financiamento-coletivo.shtml]];
> - June 5th, in Buenos Aires, Argentina: "Tu Libertad en el Uso de
>   Computadoras y Telefonos" (talk in Spanish), precise location and time
>   to be determined;
> - June 7th, 5pm in Santa Fe, Argentina: "El Software Libre y tu Libertad"
>   (talk in Spanish), in the Rectorado of the Universidad Nacional del
>   Litoral;
> - June 9th, 5pm in Buenos Aires, Argentina: "Copyright vs Comunidad" (talk
>   in Spanish), precise location to be determined;
> - June 12th, 5pm in San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina: "Copyright vs
>   Comunidad" (talk in Spanish) in the Anfiteatro of the Facultad de
>   Ingenieria of the Universidad Nacional de Jujuy;
> - June 13th, 6pm in Salta, Argentina: "El Software Libre y tu Libertad"
>   (talk in Spanish) in the Universidad Nacional de Salta, precise location
>   to be determined;
> - June 15th and 16th in Brasilia, Brasil: Stallman needs hosting in that
>   city and date. Please contact Alexandre Oliva and ask for the
>   requirements: [[http://fsfla.org/~lxoliva/]];
> - June 17th, 1pm in Brasília, Brazil: "Free Software and Your Freedom"
>   during the Campus Party in Brasília (CPBSB) in the Centro de Convenções
>   Ulysses Guimarães, only to CPBSB attendees;
> - June 19th in Brasília, Brazil: in the Universidade de Brasília, precise
>   location and time to be determined.
> Stallman will be selling items to the benefit of the Free Software
> Foundation: please bring cash.

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