[Dev] EOMA68 cards for the arm port - Was: the future of arm support

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Thu May 11 13:04:17 GMT 2017

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With "working on the ARM port" you mean to just make Parabola work in
the EOMA68? I'm asking because I've some experience on ARM, also I've
a Banana Pi, so whenever I want I can do a clean ARMv7 installation
with pacstrap to an SD card, in fact I was thinking on creating .img
images and upload them to the mirror, maybe we could do the same if
someone gets Parabola running on this device.

But it is also important to mention that I'm not a programmer or an
ultra-advanced guy like those ones who port software and OSes to other
hardware platforms like if they were counting their fingers :P

To know who would be the best people to work on this, we have to first
know on what we are going to work specifically (e.g. creation of
kernel patches, uboot images, etc. or maybe simpler stuff) and then
choose the most skilled ones who really want to do this.


El 11/05/17 a las 09:19, fauno escribió:
> Andreas Grapentin <andreas at grapentin.org> writes:
>> The emoa68 guys have replied, asking how many cards we need. is
>> one card per hacker enough, or do we want some spares?
>> maybe 5 cards in total?
> that's awesome!  but we need to decide who gets them and under
> which conditions so everything's clear for the future.
> for me, it needs to be clear that the eoma68 cards are donated to 
> parabola, not individual hackers, and parabola's community lends
> them to individual hackers so they can work on the arm port.  if
> they can't do that anymore, we'll make arrangements for other
> hackers to have them and continue the port.
> this was more or less the same policy/agreement we had when we
> received the yeeloongs.
> who will be working on the arm port and wants to get an eoma68
> card? who's closer to the eoma68's and can get them and re-mail
> them?  (so the eoma68 people doesn't have to mail X cards, unless
> they offer to?)
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