[Dev] libretools 20170505 release announcement

Luke Shumaker lukeshu at lukeshu.com
Tue May 9 20:03:04 GMT 2017

On Mon, 08 May 2017 11:35:50 -0400,
fauno wrote:
> Megver83 <megver83 at openmailbox.org> writes:
> > And a suggestion (maybe I could report it in labs), what if you add a
> > feature to make librerelease to ask for the SSh password only once? it
> > asks it like 4 times, and I understand why but just saying if
> > possible, would be better. Thanks anyway!
> run ssh-agent ;)

Alternatively, configure SSH ControlMaster.  The default configuration
will create an SSH connection in the background
(libretools.conf:HOOKPRERELEASE); if you configure SSH to be able to
reuse connections, it will only ask for your SSH password when
creating the initial background connection.

	$ cat ~/.ssh/config
	Host *
		ControlMaster auto
		ControlPath ~/.ssh/master-%r@%h:%p

Happy hacking,
~ Luke Shumaker

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