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I agree, there aren't proves yet

El 09/05/17 a las 12:40, Nicolás A. Ortega escribió:
> On Tue, May 09, 2017 at 11:55:09AM -0300, Megver83 wrote:
>> Is this really an internal problem of Parabola? I say this
>> because, what if other distros adopt qt5-webengine? then it will
>> become a bigger problem not only for us, but for the other free
>> distros too. Maybe we should discuss this with the FSF and/or the
>> GNU Project, they could fork Chromium/Iridium/Ungoogled-chromium
>> like they did with Icecat (like creating an "Icemium").
> Or Ungoogled-Chromium/Iridium could attempt to join the GNU
> project.
>> For now, I think the best thing would be to blacklist the
>> packages that depend on webengine, after all, it is nonfree, and
>> we block a lot of free software that depends or works only with
>> nonfree packages (with no [libre] replacement).
> I would like to ask, what exactly is non-free about qt5-webengine?
> The only argument I've heard so far is that it uses Chromium, yet
> there is still no real dirt on Chromium being non-free. Unless
> someone can start pointing out specific files in qt5-webengine's
> source/dependencies that are non-free I would propose taking it off
> the blacklist. This has been going on for way too long and we're
> getting ahead of ourselves. First you make it evident that it is
> non-free *then* you begin discussion on how to deal with it. This
> is putting the cart in front of the ox. If someone is suspected of
> murder then you do not start thinking about what their sentence
> should be until they have been convicted. Let's please be at least
> a little bit skeptical of how so much effort has been going in to
> blacklisting chromium and anything using it but absolutely no
> valid evidence is anywhere to be found.
> I will say as I have in a previous e-mail (and something I
> mentioned in the Quarantine Process proposal that seems to have
> been lost in the huge donation issue bruhaha) that this information
> should all be concentrated in *one place* that is easily accessible
> for everyone to see and should be easily edited in the case that
> certain sources are wrong (as I have seen them to be in this
> enormous mess we've been in for months now).
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