[Dev] Maintenance of RCN-libre patches

jc_gargma jc_gargma at iserlohn-fortress.net
Mon May 8 16:03:42 GMT 2017

> For now, I'm not going to touch the grsec patches. Maybe we can update
> the linux-libre-grsec kernel to the latest libre version available and
> abandon it *or* use other patches to replace it (like this fork? -->
> https://github.com/coadde/grsecurity-libre ).
linux-libre-grsec has been dropped, at least on AUR.
I believe the successor project is linux-libre-hardened being developed by 
Gentoo, CopperheadOS, KSPP, and librefied by Emulatorman.

If you would still like to update the grsec package so users can remain on 
grsec until hardened matures, I can provide a deblobbed copy of the final 
grsec test release, grsecurity-libre-3.1-4.9.24-201704252333.patch

If trust in my signature in inadequate, I can provide the original blobbed 
copy with original sig with deblobbing script if requested.

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