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OK, updated libretools, I really liked this release! fixed the issue
with the ARMv7h machines (great!), doesn't complain because of
uncommited changes, it automatically stages the sources, etc :D

And a suggestion (maybe I could report it in labs), what if you add a
feature to make librerelease to ask for the SSh password only once? it
asks it like 4 times, and I understand why but just saying if
possible, would be better. Thanks anyway!


P.S.: Do you have planned to release a non-systemd version soon? I've
noticed there is an increasing interest for a non-systemd version of
libretools (because of the freedom to choose the init we want, and I
think you know that better than anyone), in which I include myself.
Maybe docker could be a good alternative to systemd-nspawn, what do u

El 05/05/17 a las 23:14, Luke Shumaker escribió:
> I just released libretools 20170505 to [libre], and pushed the
> source tarball to <https://repo.parabola.nu/other/libretools/>.
> This feels like a big release to me, but to a user it's actually 
> probably pretty minor.
> The TL;DR of changes from 20170117 to 20170505:
> - librechroot/libremakepkg: * The chroot version has been bumped
> from v3 to v4.  You will need to re-create your chroots. * Bugfix:
> Correctly handles when a btrfs subvolume exists inside of a chroot.
> It no longer errors when trying to delete or sync that chroot. -
> libremakepkg * Now produces full-sourceballs
> ($pkgbase-$fullpkgver-$arch$SRCEXT) of the sources used to compile
> a package.  Unlike sourceballs produced by `makepkg --allsource`,
> the architecture is included in the filename. - librestage: * Will
> stage the sourceballs that libremakepkg now creates (see above). *
> Will no longer complain if you have uncommitted changes in the 
> current directory.
> The new sourceballs are important for GPL compliance, and for
> coming reproducible builds.
> Ok, the detailed change notes:
> Lots and lots of code cleanup and tests and maintenance.
> As you may be aware, libretools includes modified copies of
> several programs from Arch's devtools.  With this release, I have
> worked hard to organize the modifications made, and submit many of
> them upstream to Arch.  I am very pleased at the number of times
> "@parabola.nu" now appears in Arch's devtools commit log.
> The bigger of changes from 20170117 to 20170505:
> - libremessages/messages.sh . common.sh: * find_cached_srcpackage
> was added * the (undocumented) check_root function is gone -
> librechroot/libremakepkg: . makechrootpkg.sh: * Do a better job of
> deciding when to use btrfs code. * (see above) Bugfix: Handles
> nested btrfs subvolumes. . arch-nspawn: * Bugfix: It should now be
> impossible for it to accidentally choose a file://var/cache URL as
> the pacman mirror URL. * Chroots now run with LANG=en_US.UTF-8
> instead of LANG=C. * (see above) The chroot version has been bumped
> from v3 to v4. - libremakepkg: . makechrootpkg.sh: * Chroot
> preparation has been simplified; no instead of having 
> /startdir_host and such be bind-mounted to the outside, with 
> symlinks in /startdir, the directories are bind-mounted directly. 
> Also, the build user numeric UID now matches the numeric UID of the
> invoking $SUDO_USER. * (see above) now produces full-sourceballs .
> distcc-tool: * Uses SO_REUSEADDR, so errors with calling it rapidly
> should be gone. * More sub-process management; there should be
> fewer superfluous error messages. * Bugfix: Correctly fail if a
> hook fails. * Bugfix: distcc should work correctly again. *
> Document that the MAKEFLAGS variable is set in the chroot.  Also, 
> generally touch up the documentation. - gitget: * Bugfix: correctly
> hande the -f[orce] flag on bare repositories. - librefetch: *
> Bugfix: Correctly handle existing SRCBUILD files. * Bugfix:
> Correctly fail if given bogus flags. - libredbdiff * Bugfix:
> correctly handle packages with multiple provides. * Has a
> configuration file now, instead of hardcoding everything. * Has
> more detailed --help text. - toru-path: * Bugfix: shouldn't be
> broken anymore * Has help text now. - librestage: * (see above)
> Stages libremakepkg-generated sourceballs. * (see above) No longer
> calls XBS; so it will no longer complain if you have uncommitted
> changes in the current directory. * Is ready for ${pkgbase}-debug
> packages that will be produced by the next version of pacman (are
> produced by pacman-git). * No longer requires the ARCHES
> libretools.conf variable, it now knows automatically - other *
> Update the build system from autothing v2 to v3 * Lots of general
> code cleanup . Lots of shellcheck-running * Lots more tests * Emacs
> is no longer required during the build process.  This is a result
> of getting changes upstreamed in Arch.

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