[Dev] Orphan Libre package [grub] marked out-of-date

Parabola Website Notification nobody at parabola.nu
Wed May 3 00:53:50 GMT 2017

lukeshu at lukeshu.com wants to notify you that the following packages may be out-of-date:

* grub 1:2.02.beta3-6.parabola1 [libre] (armv7h): https://parabolagnulinux.org/packages/libre/armv7h/grub/
* grub 1:2.02.rc2-1.parabola1 [libre] (i686): https://parabolagnulinux.org/packages/libre/i686/grub/
* grub 1:2.02.rc2-1.parabola1 [libre] (x86_64): https://parabolagnulinux.org/packages/libre/x86_64/grub/
* grub-am335x_bone 1:2.02.beta3-6.parabola1 [libre] (armv7h): https://parabolagnulinux.org/packages/libre/armv7h/grub-am335x_bone/
* grub-omap3_beagle 1:2.02.beta3-6.parabola1 [libre] (armv7h): https://parabolagnulinux.org/packages/libre/armv7h/grub-omap3_beagle/
* grub-omap3_beagle_xm 1:2.02.beta3-6.parabola1 [libre] (armv7h): https://parabolagnulinux.org/packages/libre/armv7h/grub-omap3_beagle_xm/
* grub-omap3_beagle_xm_ab 1:2.02.beta3-6.parabola1 [libre] (armv7h): https://parabolagnulinux.org/packages/libre/armv7h/grub-omap3_beagle_xm_ab/
* grub-udoo 1:2.02.beta3-6.parabola1 [libre] (armv7h): https://parabolagnulinux.org/packages/libre/armv7h/grub-udoo/

The user provided the following additional text:

2.02 came out, and Arch bumped epoch 1->2.

We inherited the 2.02.rc2 pkgver from Arch; this was an error, it should have been 2.02rc2.

Now that 2.02 has properly been released, they needed a way to force the upgrade from 2.02.rc2->2.02, which pacman versioning considers to be a downgrade.  So they bumped epoch.  A permanent fix to a temporary problem... *grumble*.

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