[Dev] Goals/direction for the coming year

Josh Branning lovell.joshyyy at gmail.com
Fri Mar 31 14:38:59 GMT 2017

> In the end we end up trusting our own compilers, which means it's the
> same as compiling from source. So why not make it easier to install
> packages from source? Write a quick script for `abs' and alike?

In regard to making it easier to install and compile packages from 
source, I believe this is what the build server aspect is partially 

I would like to think that anyone can run the same build server software 
to compile the same packages for parabola.

As I have already stated, this would be useful for offline work, or 
where there is a bad internet connection.

But if anyone can compile the packages using the same software, then 
this also works towards reproducibility too. As (if I understand 
correctly) the purpose of reproducible builds is to compare two binaries 
to see if they are identical, that means users have to be able to 
compile the packages in the first place. So these two goals are not 
mutually exclusive, one compliments the other.

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