[Dev] libglvnd: OK or not?

André Silva emulatorman at riseup.net
Fri Mar 31 07:13:23 GMT 2017

On 03/31/2017 04:59 AM, Luke Shumaker wrote:
> Hi,
> Parabola recently blacklisted Arch's `libglvnd` for freedom reasons;
> instead opting to build `mesa-libgl`, which had been disabled in Arch's
> mesa build when `libglvnd` was introduced.

libglvnd has been blacklisted for technical reasons, not freedom one.[0]
When libglvnd has been introduced, coadde and me lost full Direct
Rendering Manager support (eg. watch videos in mpv without X with Direct
Rendering Manager as backend) with nouveau and intel drivers. Some users
like me don't like use X to watch mpv or use any similar application, so
i think it should be considered too.

> When I say that "Parabola" did that, I mean that one Parabola
> developer did that, without discussing it with anyone else, or
> documenting any justification.  So I'd like to bring it before the
> wider community, if only to document reasoning.

It sounds a bit rude like "hey guys, coadde is a bad guy, so be careful
with him". Please, we should be helpful and respectful to each other.
Maybe coadde needs be more communicative, but we could help and suggest
him to do it. ;)

It he reminds me an article in Parabola that i wrote (based on fauno's
articles and another Parabola users) about Adhocracy [1]. I suggest for
me (mainly), coadde, you and all community read this article that is
very good to avoid future discussions to maintain a good contributing
environment. :)

> My opinion is that libglvnd is fine.  It includes no references to
> non-free drivers (it won't complain about missing "nonfree.bin" or
> anything like the Linux kernel will).  I expect that in the future,
> upstream Mesa will have it has a hard dependency.  While its existence
> is of primary use to those using non-free drivers, its use doesn't
> infringe on the freedom of those using purely free drivers.

It's my suggestion:

a) Keep official Arch's mesa (with libglvnd support) unblacklisted.
b) Use coadde's version as alternative one with another name in PCR (eg.

Then we could reach a consensus for 2 different point of views, what do
you think guys? :)


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