[Dev] DDNS + parabola.nu sub-domain for our build server

Josh Branning lovell.joshyyy at gmail.com
Fri Mar 24 11:42:24 GMT 2017

On 24/03/17 01:46, André Silva wrote:
> On 03/24/2017 01:40 AM, André Silva wrote:
>> Hi guys, Luke .R (Gaming4JC) and me are planning to do + create a build
>> server for Parabola because we need it before November 2017 in order to
>> support 32-bit computers such as the libre ThinkPad x60.
>> Since i have a fast connection (optic fibre) and we would have it
>> managed by our of trusted hackers for privacy/security reasons; g4jc is
>> shipping some important parts (motherboard, cpu, etc) to my address to
>> put it in my home 24 hours connected for our build server.
>> Since i have a dynamic connection, DDNS and a parabola.nu sub-domain is
>> needed to make it possible for us (eg. build.parabola.nu), could someone
>> help me do that for me from dns.he.net?
>> Btw, donations (money, ups, etc) are welcome to help us too! :)
>> Cheers and happy hacking!
> s|our of trusted hackers|by one of our trusted hackers|

For my website, I use http://freedns.afraid.org/ and inadyn as the 
client. I use a CNAME record to point to the web address.

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