[Dev] Fwd: Re: Article: Chromium's subtle freedom flaws

Elyzabeth von Reuenthal elyzabethvonreuenthal at iserlohn-fortress.net
Fri Mar 17 15:43:20 GMT 2017

As a KDE user and a casual coder, I have been very interested in this article. 
Have I missed it, or is it still coming soon?

> QTWebengine [...] is the entire Chromium browser, which is non-free.
No, it is not. To quote the Qt devs: [0]

> Yes, we remove a large amount of code from Chromium. Note in particular we
> are using the Chromium content API, not the Chromium browser implementation,
> which means we are a step lower that most Chromium forks. 

If QtWebEngine is Chromium, then Thunderbird is Firefox because it also uses 

I earnestly hope this upcoming FSF article provides explicit and irrefutable 
proof of QtWebEngine being non-free. Proof of hard-coded connections and 
privacy leaks that I can verify for myself. A list of the non-free plugins and 
DRM shipped as a part of Qt because none are listed in the documentation. Any 
evidence of such obviously malicious behaviour that I can report to Qt and 
work towards fixing.

As it stands however, these allegations have been circulating around for a 
good while, and I have yet to see a single one supported by hard evidence. 
That rumours continue to propagate despite the assurances of Qt developers to 
the contrary is making this removal seem like it has more to do with waging 
the GTK/Qt holy war than it does about freedom.

The removal of QtWebEngine has also broken the KDE kontact suite that remains 
in the repositories. KMail and akregator segfault from missing dependencies. 
Assistant (Qt documentation viewer, in qt5-tools) will also break soon with 
the deprecation and removal of QtWebKit.

If QtWebEngine has to die, I will accept that, but only if it is sentenced for 
it's own crimes, and not the crimes of Chromium.

[0]: http://lists.qt-project.org/pipermail/qtwebengine/2017-January/
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