[Dev] ca-certificates-mozilla-3.29.3-2 and ca-certificates-utils-20170307-1 may be broken

nospam at curso.re nospam at curso.re
Thu Mar 16 14:59:25 GMT 2017

Hi all,

posting from gmane... I hope this is OK.

I have just tried a system upgrade and HTTPS connection broke when I
installed ca-certificates-mozilla-3.29.3-2

Operations like `pacman -Syu` or `git fetch origin` failed due to
problems with SSL certificates. Restoring
ca-certificates-mozilla-3.28.1-1 from pacman's cache solved the

I have put ca-certificates-mozilla in my IgnorePkg list in
`/etc/pacman.conf` temporarily so I can upgrade the other packages.

Additionally, I had a problem with the installation of
`ca-certificates-utils-20170307-1` that failed complaining that
`/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt` already existed (in fact that was
true and it was a symlink). I had to rename the symlink to be able to
install the package.

Have I been doing something wrong or are the packages broken?

I hope that you'll find this information useful.


-- S.

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