[Dev] outdated 'nonprism' gnome-settings-daemon

Isaac David isacdaavid at isacdaavid.info
Wed Jun 21 18:16:46 GMT 2017

Robert Alessi :
> Hi,
> Is there any progress on this?  For the time being, staying out of
> prism also means staying out of gnome... :(
> Robert
> On Fri, May 12, 2017 at 06:16:37PM +0200, Robert Alessi wrote:
>>  Hi Devs,
>>  Since the update of gnome to v3.24.2, I can't any longer log into
>>  gnome, nor can I use gdm.
>>  Since I use the 'nonprism' repository, I guess the culprit may be
>>  the 'nonprism' gnome-settings-daemon version which is still at
>>  v3.22.1.
>>  Can anybody look into this issue?
>>  Many thanks in anticipation!
>>  Robert

updated gnome-online-accounts and gnome-settings-daemon to their
respective latest versions. my own test of them went smooth.

some other gnome packages in [nonprism] (e.g. empathy,
evolution-data-server, gnome-weather, grilo-plugins) require need some

Isaac David
GPG: 38D33EF29A7691134357648733466E12EC7BA943

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