[Dev] notsystemd v232.1 release announcement

Megver83 megver83 at openmailbox.org
Mon Jun 19 19:55:41 GMT 2017

El 18/06/17 a las 13:16, Megver83 escribió:
> Ah, sth. else to point out, is the fact that as it conflicts the package
> eudev-systemd (because it provides systemd) it breaks its dependency for
> sddm-consolekit, I just putted --asume-installed eudev-systemd, and it
> works ok, so I think that it's easier to remove eudev-systemd from
> sddm-consolekit's dependencies

^Why don't we better set eudev-systemd as a dependency for notystemd?
There are no files that conflicts among them, and in this way
eudev-systemd would be in charge of conflicting packages that provide
systemd, because when packages conflict systemd they also conflicts
eudev-systemd. Anyways I think in the future Manjaro will replace it
with systemd-compat, but meanwhile Parabola uses eudev-systemd we can do
what I proposed

> El 18/06/17 a las 13:01, Megver83 escribió:
>> this is simply great, I could even create an ARM chroot in my OpenRC OS,
>> thank you a lot lukeshu!!
>> It's time to update the documentation in the wiki, I'll do that.
>> El 17/06/17 a las 23:48, Luke Shumaker escribió:
>>> I am pleased to announce the initial release of "notsystemd".  It's a
>>> bit late (I had promised it by the end of May), but it's here!
>>> notsystemd is a project to turn the various components of systemd into
>>> independent pieces that can be used no matter which software is used
>>> for PID 1; in a similar spirit to eudev or elogind.  This release
>>> focuses on the systemd-nspawn utility.
>>> At a minimum, the following utilities from notsystemd should be
>>> functional on non-systemd systems:
>>>   systemd-nspawn
>>>   systemd-machine-id-setup
>>>   systemd-tmpfiles
>>>   systemd-sysusers
>>> The sources are at https://repo.parabola.nu/other/notsystemd/
>>> Pre-built packages have been released to the [libre] repository for
>>> Parabola GNU/Linux-libre.  Of particular interest to Parabola
>>> developers, installing 'notsystemd' on an openrc system will allow
>>> librechroot and libremakepkg to be used.

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