[Dev] OpenRC groups - Was: linux-libre is not part of the base group anymore

Isaac David isacdaavid at isacdaavid.info
Sun Jun 11 18:15:20 GMT 2017

Reg wrote:
> Bill Auger wrote:
>> i also noticed this week when working on the calamares installer that
>> 'linux-libre' package separately to complete a fresh install - this 
>> is
>> in the base group would be superfluous for every other use case
>> reasonable though as there several kernels to choose from so the one
>> the kernel is not in the 'base' group - i had to require the
> This makes sense. If this is the approach we want to keep, the 
> installation
> guide should also be updated accordingly.

i hesitate to change the meaning of the base group from what it means
on Arch, which also provides more than one kernel. but if you go ahead
with this, make sure to search the wiki for every instance of pacstrap
usage. the implications extend beyond one installation guide.

Isaac David
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