[Dev] [Assist] linux-libre is not part of the base group anymore

Megver83 megver83 at openmailbox.org
Sat Jun 10 01:15:11 GMT 2017

El 09/06/17 a las 18:18, Isaac David escribió:
> Reg wrote:
>> I was installing Parabola on a new computer today and noticed that the
>> linux-libre package is not included in the base group anymore.
>> I suppose that's not intended, so I thought I'd report it.
> you are right.
> the problem seems to be that the groups=() definition is now only
> evaluated if [ "${pkgbase}" = "linux" ], instead of the former
> [ "${pkgbase}" = "linux-libre" ]
> also, base-openrc was taken out of the groups. was that on purpose?

base-openrc purpose is to offer the same base installation as the 'base'
group but with OpenRC instead of Systemd, so that users have the
possibility to install Parabola with OpenRC in fresh installations.

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