[Dev] pbot "hacked" lol

Joseph Graham joseph at xylon.me.uk
Sat Jun 3 11:34:08 GMT 2017

This morning user_trisquel[0] found a way to exploit pbot's factoid
system to send messages to any channel or user. He then made a "FUCK
YOU" factoid and spammed the channel and many users with it.

I switched pbot off now but he'll be back online once I secure him up.

[0] user_trisquel!~user at 37-41-179-94.pool.ukrtel.net

Joseph Graham, techno-philosopher and Free Software advocate. 

I have a blog: http://www.naughtycomputer.uk/
I write software: https://www.suckmore.uk/
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And a platform for Free Software success stories: http://www.freedcomputer.net/
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