[Dev] notsystemd status

Luke Shumaker lukeshu at lukeshu.com
Sat Jul 15 16:20:21 GMT 2017

Hi all.

Just an update on notsystemd.

Arch finally moved systemd 233 from [testing] to [core] on Thursday
the 6th (both 233.75-2 and 233.75-3 were on [core] that day).  Some of
the FSDG patches had to be reworked a bit, but I had 233 on [libre]
fairly quickly; on Friday the 7th.

I was hoping have notsystemd 233.1 published that weekend, but I
didn't get it done.  I've had things come up during the week, and
didn't have a chance to touch it during the week until yesterday.

Anyway, I just wanted to put out an update that it's coming.  Maybe
I'll get it done this weekend, maybe not.

I now notice that systemd 234 is on [testing].  Hopefully I'll get
notsystemd 233.1 on [libre] before systemd 234 hits [core]!  If not,
I'll still publish notsystemd 233.1 before working on 234.1; I expect
that the work from 233->234 will be minimal; most of the trouble is
that 233 changed how mixed cgroup mode works.

 (aside: I see that 234 now officially supports Meson instead of
 Automake (Meson had been in git for a while).  On one hand that's
 exciting.  On the other hand, I'd put a bunch of work in to gutting
 out Automake for my own Autothing for notsystemd development.  It's

Happy hacking,
~ Luke Shumaker

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